IBM, Experimental Quantum Computing, Research Staff Member

“We have been using the Polyphase I/Q mixers model AM4080A and AM70100A, both in their stand-alone and rack-mounted versions, as part of our experimental setup for over a year. We primarily use these mixers for Single-Sideband conversion and microwave pulses shaping for superconducting qubits experiments. Due to the stringent control required for high-fidelity qubit operation it is critical for the control mixer to provide very low carrier leakage as well as very high rejection of the unwanted sideband and higher harmonics.

We are very satisfied with the performance of the Polyphase I/Q mixers that we use for our experiments. We observe lower levels of carrier leakage and cleaner sideband spectrums compared to other mixers from competitors at a similar price level. We find the included LO amplifier particularly helpful, since it lifts a strong constrain in our setup for the microwave generator power, which can then be significantly lowered from typical values of +10 dBm.

Overall, we find the Polyphase AM4080A and AM7010 I/Q mixers to be of extremely high-quality and cost efficient.

Tyson Fish has been extremely helpful in finding the right product to fit our needs during our discussions, often offering valuable advice regarding Polyphase products.”

New Product Development

We are in the process of developing a new single sideband mixer that will provide extremely low LO leakage and sideband suppression capabilities. It will also provide the ability to optimize the 3rd-order linearity and save the optimization settings to an on board EEPROM.

Key Features:

  • Single Sideband Mixer
  • RF Frequency: 200MHz to 6000MHz
  • LO leakage and sideband suppression nulling
  • OIP3 calibration to optimize 3rd-order linearity performance
  • USB programmable
  • On board EEPROM to save and recall calibration settings