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IBM, Experimental Quantum Computing, Research Staff Member

“We have been using the Polyphase I/Q mixers model AM4080A and AM70100A, both in their stand-alone and rack-mounted versions, as part of our experimental setup for over a year. We primarily use these mixers for Single-Sideband conversion and microwave pulses shaping for superconducting qubits experiments. Due to the stringent control required for high-fidelity qubit operation… Read more »

New Product Development

We are in the process of developing a new single sideband mixer that will provide extremely low LO leakage and sideband suppression capabilities. It will also provide the ability to optimize the 3rd-order linearity and save the optimization settings to an on board EEPROM. Key Features: Single Sideband Mixer RF Frequency: 200MHz to 6000MHz LO… Read more »